Movie Postcards and Decades


Movie Postcards and Decades

A movie, also known as a motion picture, movie trailer or digital movie, is a production of video art designed to simulate everyday experiences which convey ideas, stories, emotions, beauty, or setting through the medium of moving pictures. It usually includes the main role of the story and action and may include explosions, fighting, and comedy sequences. Usually, a movie makes a wide-release directly to movie theaters or home videos. As of now, the most popular genres of movies being shown in movie houses are the horror genre, war/military movies, science fiction/horror films, comedy, special effects/movies, and drama.

The term “Movie” can be derived from two Greek words, “mah” (meaning “a form of picture”) and “sokus” (meaning “action or story”). Movie themes are basically everything related to the subject matter of the movie. It could be anything from monsters, superheros, and comic books to sports, superheros, and theme parks. For instance, a crime thriller movie would have a murder mystery theme as its main plot. Likewise, a love story movie would most likely have romantic subplots and various kinds of themes.

A decade is a span of approximately three years. There are many movies released in a decade and these tend to be popular since they were made in that decade. Some movies which are made during a decade and released again in the same decade or later are rare and therefore quite valuable. Examples of these are movies about the 1960’s which are very rare and hard to find compared to the other movies released during those years.

The themes changed or got changed throughout a decade. For instance, in the late 1960’s sex crimes became a very hot topic and movies like Date Now were successful at depicting this. Also, in the late 1970’s drugs were becoming more popular and movies like The Breakfast Club and Good Morning, High School Musical were successes at portraying the lives of teenagers of that time. As the decade went on, the type of movies that get made change and so do the themes and plots.

A good example of a movie that took place during a decade is Easy Rider. This film depicts a group of friends who ride a motorcycle and go through several adventures. The themes are teenagers moving on from their teenage years and looking for adventure. The themes change with each episode but in the end, it is always the same group of friends.

Another movie that takes place in a decade is Washington, D.C. In this movie the First Lady is the capital of the united states and has a crush on a cute little boy who lives across the Potomac. As the years pass the two separate them and become lovers. The theme of this movie is that relationships can change over a decade. There is plenty more to see about these two lovesick lovers, but if you like these movies, you probably know this one already.