Types of TV for Different Audience


Types of TV for Different Audience

Televisions (TV) is an important component of our everyday lives. They allow us to entertain ourselves when we want, relax with our loved ones when they want, catch up on the latest news, etc. It also allows many other activities such as playing games, working on the TV, watching movies, taking naps, etc. The role of television in our lives cannot be ignored. Thus, it is important to acquire basic knowledge on how to set up your home TV or receivers in order to have the best viewing experience at home.

The major components included in a TV set are the screen, CRT tube, electron beam driver, video recorder, etc. TV sets can be purchased from a local TV shop or directly from dealers/online stores (both in retail and auction sites). The price range of a TV set depends on the features and brand name. There are many brands of televisions like Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Samsung, Panasonic, etc, in the market.

To view a TV, one must connect the TV set to the source. In most cases, this source includes a cable; however, the newer “dvd” players that include S-video and audio cables are also available to directly connect a television set to a computer. For those who do not have a computer, an older VHS player is a common video display source.

Another type of TV is the cathode ray tube (CRT). CRT televisions use fluorescent tubes filled with gas to produce pixels. In CRT televisions, electricity is passed through a heating element in a circuit to generate light which strikes the pixels creating an image on the television screen. Due to the nature of the CRT tubes, power consumption is high and resulting prices of these televisions are higher than plasma TVs. Plasma TVs do not use cathode ray tubes.

Another common type of television is LCD or flat panel TV. LCD TV works by using a liquid crystal display panel. An LCD television does not use electricity, gas or any other medium to create an image on the screen. LCD televisions provide crisp, clear images that can be adjusted and changed easily according to the users’ preferences. The cost of an LCD television set is almost half that of a plasma television.

Portable televisions like mobile devices are also gaining popularity in the market. Some examples of mobile devices that can be used to view a TV include Blackberry phones and portable computers. One can watch TV anytime he wants even while traveling by simply connecting the portable television to their mobile devices. As technology continues to advance, more TV types will be introduced in the market and consumers should be able to find the best ones that suit their needs.