5 Best Film Blogs For Film Buffs

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5 Best Film Blogs For Film Buffs

If you are thinking about starting a blog on film, then it’s easy enough to get started with. You’ll need a topic to write on, of course. Some of those ideas may overlap from previous blog ideas article, but they’re still appropriate for both markets so just include them all on both. Without further ado, here’re 26 blog post ideas for film lovers! Have fun!

What would you like to write about? If you like movies, then this could be a great movie blog. For example, you could start by talking about your favourite films and the characters they’re about (i.e. James Bond, Harry Potter, etc).

You can also take your passion for film and affiliate programs and combine them together. An affiliate program is when you promote someone else’s product in exchange for a commission on whatever you sell. This is a wonderful way to start a film blog as you’ll be able to offer reviews of new films that you find and promote the latest releases in the online world. To earn more commissions, you can join various film blog affiliate programs or sign up to become an affiliate yourself.

This is an excellent film blog idea for film buffs and enthusiasts. Most indiewire blogs feature reviews of independent or lesser-known films. Because film buffs love independent films, this is a great place to advertise for new films by finding the best indiewire blog network. As an aspiring film buff, you’ll enjoy learning more about the latest and greatest independent films in order to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not as you develop your film blog.

This is a favorite of many film bloggers because they can combine their love of film with their blogging. If you want to learn more about current events surrounding the film industry, then you can join in on discussions in the comment section below. Other bloggers often visit film blogs to learn about new movie releases and talk about their thoughts. There’s no limit to what you can do as a blogger if you have a passion for film.

A big draw to film blogs are visual artists who post their work on the blog. VFX bloggers showcase their work and discuss the latest studios release. Artists also post portfolios of their work so other bloggers and fans can see what they have done. If you love drawing, graphic design, and the arts, you should consider becoming a vfx blog writer. You can create stunning posters and commercials for movies and television shows, post images on vblog and vfx blogs, and discuss your craft on the vblogs.