An Introduction to Cinema & My Passion for It

There are a number of different benefits to creating a film blog. Generally, different blogs attract a different audience, and because of that there is a wide range of styles of blog out there. Some blogs focus on current events, some are more gossip-style, and others are purely entertainment based. Two of the biggest and most successful kinds of blog are those devoted to entertainment and travel, and although the film blogging does not have quite the mainstream appeal of travel or technology, it still has its loyalists.

film blog

Film Bloggers loves talking about film no matter what they are watching. Whether they are catching up on last night’s latest releases, catching a good flick on TV, or just enjoying their popcorn and soda at the local cinema, all are welcome guests in the big cast blogosphere. The same applies to cinema goers too. A cinema is just a place where people go to watch new releases, and if you love to talk about new releases, it can be a very interesting place to hang out at. Most cinema goers are eager to talk about the films coming out, and you can count on them to throw in a reference or two to a movie they had seen recently.

In my own personal experience, I’ve enjoyed being a fan of cinema for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my favorite hero was the man with the red hat, and she was no different when I went to see her onscreen. When I finally got around to seeing Paul Bladder’s “Manicured Beast” recently, I was really glad I made the trip down to New York to see it. Not only is it great to see old movies again, but the New York theater industry has been a major player in bringing new movies to audiences for decades.

I grew up with my love of cinema through my mom’s regularly scheduled television viewing, and now I get to share that love of movies with others every single day. After my long day, I’m just looking for something to do in the quiet of my home. I like having something to look forward to, whether it’s going to a friend’s house for an afternoon of “Manicured Beast,” or sitting down with my computer to go over the weekend’s highlights in the form of online film reviews. It’s such a relaxing and rewarding way to unwind after a busy day.

Brought together by a love of film art and culture, my fellow film junkies and I create what we call the “Bordwell Film Blog.” Each month, we each select a specific film art movie and discuss its significance. This has allowed us to connect with a like-minded crowd of individuals who enjoy the same types of movies. The forum itself can be a great place to chat about current events, or discuss which recent movie is the best of the year. Some people choose to go a little deeper and post their personal “films of the year,” while others prefer to talk more about the theme of our selection. Regardless of how you decide to share your passion for cinema, our site is the perfect forum to do so.

I have found that the real reason why I love film so much is because I can relate to the characters and the conflicts that drive the story. Unlike reading a book, you can actually feel the emotions and experiences within the pages of a film as I have done dozens of times while replaying certain scenes. It’s an experience that rivals having a conversation with an author, or even better, an audience member about the subject!