Everything You Need to Know About Movie Trailers and NC-17 Rating


Everything You Need to Know About Movie Trailers and NC-17 Rating

A movie, also known as a motion picture, digital movie or digital video, is an artistic work of visual entertainment used to recreate experiences which convey stories, ideas, perceptions, emotions, beauty, or setting through the medium of moving images. Moving images may be filmed, videotaped, or displayed on a television screen. Movies are produced for profit and intended to entertain, inform, and/or entertain. Historically, movies have been shown to start or continue a story, to help pass the time, and to resolve an issue, problem or suspense. While not all movies are successful, many have been box-office hits and have been produced into several successful television series and several well known movie franchises.

The ratings system used by the MPAA (Movies Association of America) is referred to as R rating. General movie ratings come first followed by specific industry ratings such as best picture, best director, best screenplay, best actress, and best director. The United States government allows the movies to be rated in order of importance. For example, the film “Elysium” was ranked number one by the MPAA as a science fiction film. Following close behind were two films in the same genre: “enna’s Man” starring Meg Ryan and “When Harry Met Sally.”

The MPAA ( Movies Educational Arts Film Alliance) divides film into categories depending on the content or plot. They are also split into types of content which include drama, comedy, action, and horror. Based on these classifications the films are then rated A through Z. These classifications are not gender biased. For example, films classified as family films are often rated a “C” since they fall between the adult and child viewers’ category. Similarly, an award winning film may receive an award in an area that is not geared towards the particular audience the film was meant to appeal to.

Once a film has been given a rating it must be properly labeled with a given logo or symbol. This is done by the distributor or the studio that is distributing the film. The movie can be trailers only or it can be both trailers and full length pictures. In order for a film to be properly rated it must be submitted along with a proper written description detailing the nature of the film. Any piece of promotional literature including posters, book covers, or audio clips must accompany the original rating and should be filed along with the original copy of the film.

The United States movie ratings system used in the United States is based on the National Association of Film Commissioners (NAFC) code. The first film was created in 1928 called “A Day in the Life of a Cat”. The code uses a scale that ranges from the most negative to the most positive. The most negative classification is designated as “A”. Anything that depicts the consuming of a controlled substance or alcohol is considered to be a movie that has an NC-17 rating.

NC-17 rating films have specific guidelines as to what content are acceptable for them. The film materials that are rated NC-17 are limited in number and are rated per film instead of per audience. The only exception to this rule is the films that are dedicated sexual content or pornography. These films are rated R, and need to be accompanied by an NC-17 certificate. For standard DVD releases of non-rated films, the only way to know if they are NC-17 friendly is to get the movie directly from the distributor.