Fake News From Today’s Journalist


Fake News From Today’s Journalist

You always look for news in the newspapers and TV or listen to the radio. Every second and minute news items are made available to the people. We need to know what is happening in the world around us. There are different news items for different purposes.

News: You need to understand the meaning of News acronym. The abbreviation TODAY stands for news. News is defined by different writers and correspondents of mass communication. It can be general news, breaking news, sports news, political news, international news, and even local news.

All these news items come with a different purpose and attitude. It is true that all of these news items contain some facts and are true. But how do we separate the good news items from the bad news items? How do we give only the good news items to our favorite morning news programs?

For instance, I like to hear the words, “American Heroes”, followed by the name of a real American hero. I also like to hear the words, “Real American Heroes”, followed by the name of a real American hero. I also like hearing “Real American Heroes Fighting for a Better America”, followed by the name of a real American hero. And I especially like hearing ” Winning for a Great Cause”, followed by the name of a winning American hero. But I am not sure how to separate the “Good” news from the “Bad” news. How can we make it possible to say that a bad news item is really a good news item?

For instance, I recently heard an interesting quote from a famous American Historian, Mark Twain. He said, “A year ago I made a trip to Europe, and when I returned home I found that half the articles I read there were written against Germany, France, and Italy.” Twain, being a great Americanhistorian, could not have possibly forgotten to include Great Britain or Russia in his list. But apparently he did. After reading his book, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and many other works, he became convinced that although all men are jealous, the worst element in the world is jealousy. In other words, if you criticize Germans, Italians or Great Britain enough, you will find that you become a “Nazi hating, anti Germans” and therefore be excluded from reading recent events in your area of expertise.

This is unfortunate, because one of America’s most important attributes, her freedom of speech, allows us to criticize other nations, religions, ethnic groups or even families. Still, in today’s Internet age, a writer can choose to self-publish a bad news article, instead of having it plastered all over the Internet, or else he or she can send it to news outlets through various intermediaries. Many editors who are concerned with bad press and fake news websites won’t publish an article unless they know that the recipient newspaper or channel has requested the article. So, if you want to write a bad news article about Germany, Italians or Britain, try sending it to a reputable online news organization first.