Film Blogging 101 – Turning Your Blog Into a Business

If you enjoy reading about current events and happenings and enjoy coming across interesting stories about film stars, athletes, celebrities and more, then you may be interested in film blogging. Different blogs attract different readers, and two of the top most successful and popular forms of blog are those centered on technology and travel. Film blogging, however, does not have quite the widespread popularity of travel and tech. But there are a number of benefits to consider when deciding to become involved with blogging about current events and movie gossip. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits below:

film blog

– Affiliate Links One of the easiest ways to make money with a movie blog is to sell advertising space. You can also promote products by placing affiliate links on your blog. You can also sign up for Google AdSense to receive free advertising space. When people click on your affiliate links, you earn money based on the amount of clicks. Of course, you have to place the right ads to be effective.

– AdSense Opportunities Many blog owners include AdSense blocks on their sites, which allow visitors to place the code on their blogs that allow Google to place ads on the page. These ads are generally focused on images related to the content of the blog and relevant keywords. Some blog sites are even listed in Google’s own AdSense program. Google’s AdSense program provides a great deal of flexibility in the type of ads that can be displayed. However, some of these sites do not have a lot of traffic so they may not make as much money from the program as a high-traffic site would.

– Coaching Tip The best coaching tip we can give you about making money with a blog comes directly from the film “wynne friend’s: Write what you know!” Write about what you know about, or are very passionate about. If you love to write about cooking, perhaps you could create a cookbook for people who love to cook and save them some time while they do so. You could also create a forum for people to post questions and discuss different issues that they have been having.

– Know Your Audience A film blog’s goal is to inform others and entertain them. We all know people who just read blogs for entertainment purposes only, but if you want to turn your blog into a real business, you need to understand what kind of people visit such a blog. To begin with, if you choose to create a film blog around a particular film, you will need to learn what kind of people will be reading it. Will the readers be film journalists looking for insider information? Or will they be fans of the film who simply want to be updated about the latest developments?

– Take it Offline You may have realized by now that your blog needs an audience outside of your blog, and beyond your blog! You can take your blog wherever you want to, and that includes to other websites and social networks. For example, many people check out news websites like The New York Times while they are online. If you have an account there, why not let them know about it? This will allow you to draw in more readers to both your blog and to other news related websites.