Film Festivals Revealed – 5 Main Film F genres

A film, also called a ” Motion Picture,” is a sequence of moving pictures that collectively make up a whole story, and typically tell a story about an ongoing event. The term for the movies that are produced for entertainment purposes is called motion pictures. Movies are categorized according to the type of content they display: films for family and friends, comedies, action/adventures, drama/horror, fantasy, horror, comedy, science fiction, home movies, sports and other. There are even educational films made for children!


The film industry, today, is one of the most profitable industries in the world. The two major areas of cinema industry are motion pictures and television industry. Movies are distributed to homes via movie theaters, multiplexes, video rentals, on the television, via a VCR, and on the Internet. The Internet, which is very popular among the young viewers, has also given birth to the comedy film genre. The comedy film genre includes films like Happy Days, Home School, Leave It To Beaver, Home Alone, A Few Good Men, Carlito’s Way, Finding Nemo, The Cable Guy, and Zoolander.

Film production companies are engaged in the business of producing motion pictures and TV shows. The film industry consists of hundreds of film production companies, each with their own unique style of filmmaking and approach to storytelling. Aspiring filmmakers can pursue a career in film production as an assistant or designer, but those without any experience in the filmmaking process are advised to pursue a degree in the field of communication, marketing, or management. Graduates interested in filmmaking who have a strong interest and background in the creative business will be able to enter the professional world after completing their film college courses.

Many filmmakers focus on one particular genre. Movies that fall into this category include romance, thriller, action/adventure, science fiction, horror, comedy, horror film, and home video. Some of the main sub-genres of this genre include the following: independent films, TV serials, television series, TV movies, children’s films. There are many popular TV shows that fall under the independent or small film category, including: ER, Deadwood, Gossip Girl, Smallville, Frasier, Friends, Stargate, The X-Files, The Shield, Chuck and How I Met Your Mother. Several well known movies from this sub-genre include: Fight Club, Office Space, E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Toy Story, Saw, Toy Story 2, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Fantastic Four.

The film critics also gives out grades for films, which are based on the overall quality and message of the film. The five main film genres of the critics include Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, and Action. Each of these categories has their own individual traits that make them very popular amongst the film fraternity. The top five films of each genre can be followed by some popular films that came from each sub-genre. These include The Godfather, Good Will Hunting, Carlito’s Way, Casino, and Harry Potter.

The film festivals are an important platform for film lovers to show their appreciation for the work of other filmmakers. Many filmmakers will display their entire film repertoire at the festivals, allowing audiences to get an idea on what they’re all about. The most famous film festivals around the world are Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, New York, and Berlin.