Five Ideas For a Film Blog

A couple of years ago bloggers all over the internet were talking about making money blogging and I was asked to be one of them. I was fascinated by the whole idea because I love to write about current events and Hollywood gossip. There is a lot of money to be made doing this and I knew that at least a few people would be interested in what I had to say. So I went ahead and did it. Here are my movie blog ideas that work for many other niches as well.

film blog

The first one of my film blog ideas is that you have to do a Hollywood VFX blog. There are many people who have started blogs just about anything to talk about their favorite subject matter but when it comes to vfx there are so many different topics you can go into that it can actually become quite confusing for people. Some of the ideas may overlap from previous blog ideas post, however, they still re appropriate for both niches so just add them to both.

After you decide that you want to do a Hollywood VFX blog you need to get one up and running. This is actually pretty easy and all you need is a domain name, hosting and then a way to monetize your blog. The best idea I came up with was actually a pay-per-post website. Basically, every time you make a blog post you would submit it to a pay-per-post website and every time someone visited that website and clicked through to the site you would pay the host a small fee. It’s a great way to monetize your blog and I highly recommend it.

Another of my movie blog ideas is to start a New York Times style review of the latest movies released. That would include all the big Hollywood blockbusters as well as some smaller films that maybe just released. Something like “The Hangover” could be reviewed as a comedy, but with the knowledge that it is a funny film and the actors are funny. Plus I would include links to trailers as well as any deleted scenes.

My next blog idea would be to do a feature-length film. A lot of the bigger movie stars get a film blog started before their films hit wide release. In fact I think George Clooney already has one up and running and it is fantastic. The trick is to keep the content informative and interesting. You want the readers to come back for more once the film has been shown.

Finally my last idea for a movie blog would be to start a blog about TV shows that are related to my hobbies and passions. I love watching various TV shows and having reviews of them on my blog would be so much fun. The best example of this would be a film blog about TV shows about kids. If you got kids then you would definitely want to blog about their favorite kids shows and what makes them laugh and how educational they are. I think this is a very easy concept for a film blog and I am looking forward to more great ideas.