“Good Diner” Theme Throughout History

A movie, also known as a motion picture, video, short film, or independent film, is an artistic work of video art that conveys messages, ideas, themes, emotions, beauty, or setting through the employment of visually moving images. Unlike a television program, a movie cannot be shown from start to finish: scenes are filmed so that they can be viewed later, or in reruns. Often the only recourse for film lovers is to rent videos, buy DVD’s, or wait for the next wave of movies to arrive on home video formats from studios all over the world.


A movie would typically be conceived as an idea that someone would say, draw, or paint on the wall in a way that evokes a desired theme or feeling. Suzie would love to have the theme of her movie “The Breakfast Club” changed to something like “The Graduate” with her high school buddies. The Breakfast Club was a favorite among teenage girls everywhere, but what if she could have her theme altered to “Good Diner” with her buddies instead?

A theme like that would appeal to a broader audience and would not require a major change to the plotline to make it appealing. But in this present day and age of ever-advancing technology, themes are no longer limited to the themes of childhood movies. A new trend in theme entertainment has emerged in the 21st century. Themes can now be derived from popular television shows, popular music videos, or even popular video games. Video game themes are increasingly popular among young people who like to use things such as video games to socially interact with others or simply to pass the time.

Suzie would prefer to see her movie theme as being a symbol of social change and as a vehicle by which the change could occur. Her original idea was to have the main character in the movie is a gay woman. As Suzy saw it, the main character’s transition from normal girl to rebellious gay woman would help the audience understand the cultural changes happening all over the country. If the viewer can relate to this change, then they are able to recognize themselves and their own place in society.

In the end, Suzy Phares’ decision to use “Good Diner” as her theme throughout history proves that a theme doesn’t need to be limited to a specific time period or even a genre. A theme can be universal, even universal in a sense that themes can be applied to changing society. It is suggested by Suzy that the theme of eating at a diner could be applied to both the old and the new societies. It could apply to the old America as well as the new America.

If Suzy Phares’ latest movie “Good Diner” can help to ignite a movement for social change, then she has indeed created an icon. A simple change of theme in a movie such as this could spark many conversations. And what better way to start than with an iconic theme? A theme that sparks conversation about how people change their habits, lifestyles, and their choices in life, can make a statement all on its own.