How Does The News Make You Feel?


How Does The News Make You Feel?

What is news? The definition of news has been different by various commentators. Some of their definitions are listed below:

The first meaning of news is “an official announcement of an event occurring as a result of time or tide.” This is very broad and covers news reports on local, national, and global events. It could also mean “a first-person narrative of an unusual occurrence.” News can also be described as an “exercise of investigative reporting to reveal the news”. This definition emphasizes the value of investigative reporting in informing the public about current affairs.

The second meaning of news is “any news which has general circulation”. This is broader than the first meaning above because news can also pertain to magazines, books, and other forms of print media. It also means “newsworthy information delivered to the general public.” The three major mass media (television news, newspapers, and magazines) fall into this category. Most television news is topical rather than global in nature. A recent example of this is the story about a missing Malaysian flight.

The third common meaning of news is “any news which makes criticism of human activity considered news”. This makes sense in that criticism of human activity is newsworthy and can lead to changes in behavior. News can also pertain to any event which may affect society in one way or another. News events may make people angry, happy, or sad.

Current events are covered by many types of media. Most newspapers have a business section which carries most daily newspapers and weekly newspapers feature sports, local business news, and some important international newspapers. International broadcasting stations such as the BBC have a news division, which reports on world events. Many television networks also broadcast some current events. Some popular television news shows include CNN and Fox News. Satellite television companies offer up to four channels dedicated entirely to world and local news.

In order to tell a good story, a journalist must learn to use several different types of sources in their reporting. This is similar to the art of storytelling. Like any form of art, good storytelling relies on multiple sources to support its accuracy and validity. While the intent of newspapers and other media is to inform the public, in practice they often focus on accuracy and validity and pass along only the news story that is of interest to the particular publication. While this does sometimes serve a purpose since bad stories are often left out, it can be said that without these newspapers and other media, much of today’s modern journalism would not be possible.