How to Make a Movie – 5 Factors Involved in Success

A movie, also known as a movie screen, video film, short film or multimedia movie, is an artistic work of visual art designed to simulate various experiences which convey ideas, stories, senses, emotions, beauty, or environment through the employment of moving pictures. A movie is typically produced by a film company with the involvement of a number of people who are experts in the visual arts such as film makers, designers, matte composers, art directors, and others. The ultimate goal of a movie maker is to create a movie that is entertaining and educative for the viewing public. As such, the movie industry employs a diverse number of personnel who contribute to the development of movies and the maintenance of the ever-changing character of film.


Hollywood is the international capital of the movie industry and has been the driving force behind movies for decades. However, the movie industry is far from monopoly, with many small and medium sized production companies based in cities such as El Monte, CA, and Burbank, CA, contributing to the creation of movies that compete with those of the majors at the box office. There are a number of tips that can be used by individuals or small production companies to produce a winning movie that will be able to attract investors and garner much money. One of the best ways to ensure that a movie is successful is by ensuring that it is eye catching, fun to watch, and has an edge over its competitors.

To create a memorable movie, the movie studio may utilize a number of techniques. Some of the most common special effects include shooting in a limited number of locations, the use of green screen, computer graphics, and the use of special effects such as explosions and death scenes. However, some movie studios will use even more innovative special effects such as pyrotechnics and smoke machines. Some studios will utilize both live and digital doubles for the filming of certain scenes. Many of the top grossing movies throughout the years have utilized some of the more innovative special effects to ensure that the movie was entertaining and successful.

Another way to ensure that action movies are successful is to provide strong characters that will tell stories. In the realm of movies, the character is an extremely important factor because without a strong protagonist, a movie can easily become boring and drab. Since action movies are about high speeds and high drama, it is imperative that the character is compelling and convincing. There are some character types that have been successful in telling interesting stories. These include the antihero, the smart and witty bad guy, the tough and strong heroine, and the anti-heroine.

Themes are also an important factor in making action movies often because there is great emphasis placed on setting, photography, and visual effects. There are many themes that have proven successful, including romance, fantasy, science fiction, and outer space. When the theme of the movie is based on a particular story element, it is much easier to tell stories within the movie.

The last major factor involved in successful movie making is the acting. actors play a major role because they help move the plot along. Some actors take on an insignificant role; however, they usually give the final touches to the story. Actors such as George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., and Brad Pitt play the lead roles in various movies. These actors are known for their dramatic roles and skillful portrayal of the character.