Indian News Services

A news report is a summary of current events. It can be political, technological, environmental and even sports as they are termed. News is fast becoming an indispensable part of our life. It provides a window to the world. Today, news covers everything from local weather to global warming, from product prices to international terrorism.


News is not just a newspaper headline or a blurb placed in a website. It is an overview of some recent event or development in any part of the world or even in your own country. It is written for the people who need to know or have been told something important. It is written for the people or media outlets that are interested in publishing news. Newspapers, radio or television stations all supply news to the public.

Today, news services are generally divided into two categories – Associated Press (AP) and International Associated Press (IAP). Associated Press is known more widely around the world than IAP. Associated Press writes and distributes news through wire services. IAP is restricted to publishing news and current affairs and related news services for its reporting purposes only. The major news agencies associated with Associated Press are Associated Press Enterprises Inc., news agencies of major networks and publications, The New York Times Company and Agence France-Press, a division of Le Monde News.

Other news agencies and outlets providing news services are e.g. Agence France-Press, Britain’s Daily Mail, Canadian Press, Germany’s Der Spiegel, Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, and USA Today. Some of these news agencies are funded by news organizations themselves, some by government bodies and some by private individuals. News is provided to many publications. Some of them are periodicals, daily newspapers or weekly magazines, while others are news websites.

In India, there is no single news agency, rather several news services compete for the attention of the news seeking public. These news agencies are either wholly owned by governments or by news organizations themselves. Some news agencies also cater to the corporate sector. Some news agencies in India have started providing online news services, as well.

Today, the Internet has become a crucial part of any news agency’s business strategy. It is not just a medium of getting news but also a platform where one can communicate. Online news services has completely revolutionized the news agency business. It has made it possible to get news from any corner of the world within a matter of seconds. In this competitive world, the significance of news agencies is as great today as it was in past.