Introduction to Film

Film, also known as video, digital video, moving image or short film, is an artistic visual art utilized to simulate real-life experiences that express ideas, stories, senses, emotions, beauty, or ambiance through the medium of moving pictures. These visual images are usually accompanied by music, and in some cases, other visual stimuli. The term “filmmaker” is most often used to describe the director of a movie and to distinguish the art form from other similar artistic forms. Filmmakers, like other artists, work in different media, including painting, photography, printmaking, collage, computer-aided design (CAD) and architecture.


A plot of a film depicts events, characters, themes or other details that are depicted via images on a film medium. The images may be presented one after another or in sequences. The plot of a film can be dramatic, humorous, or mundane. It can be realistic or abstract, but in general terms, a film’s plot is determined by the medium on which it is presented, and how effectively the images or the story is able to communicate its ideas or provide motivation to the audience. For example, a film about a father and daughter who fall in love, while at the same time fighting off enemies, would require the director to use images of war, explosions, bodies being injured or killed, blood, gore, and so on.

In short, a film is a sequence of images or a story told through the medium of film. There are many genres of films: home movies, animated films, comedy films, science fiction, horror films, documentaries, fashion films, Hollywood movies, animation films, mainstream films, late night talk shows, music videos, sex films and porn films. Some films are targeted to specific audiences, like children’s films, family movies, horror films, or movies targeted for adults. Since there are countless genres of film, some films are not intended for children or family viewers, like adult films. But most films have some type of story, theme or plot, which allows an audience to distinguish between different types of films.

A movie is a piece of multimedia art that can either be produced by humans or by machines. The term “moviet” comes from the Russian word for “carriage,” used to describe the movable screen used in movies. A car is a movable body with a movable screen that spins. Thus, the term “car film” refers to any moving picture and is often used synonymously with “motion picture.”

A film is defined as a vase filled with water or oil that contains chemicals and is capable of emitting or giving off images. Films are mostly made in black and white or color systems. Although some exceptions exist, the majority of motion pictures are filmed in color systems. Black-and-white films were the first form of motion picture and have been the standard since before the birth of the motion picture itself.

Movie posters are also referred to as “the signifier.” Movie signs are often found at movie theaters or around town centres. They give an indication to people who are passing by the cinema about what kind of pictures are being shown inside.