Making Money From a Film Blog

Making your own film blog is a good way to make extra income. Basic English will help. And, of course, knowing what’s popular will help tremendously. Worrying about which topics to cover and what not to will only confuse you. You’ll have so much fun, anyway.

film blog

Once you know your basic words and phrases, it will be easier to pick topics for your film blog. Film blogs, by their very nature, are about something exciting that happened recently or will happen soon. Think about what turned you on when you first saw a movie. Maybe it was the special effects, the setting, the hero or heroine’s clothing or even the love interest. The point is you need to find a topic that turns you on.

Once you’ve found a subject that gets you going, then it’s just a matter of writing about it, posting and linking it to other film lovers. If you don’t know anything about film, blogging will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. It’s the perfect way of educating yourself, of putting your knowledge into a blog, and of showing off your knowledge.

To begin, you need to have a domain name. You want to use your blog’s URL as the domain name. If you use your blog’s URL as the domain name, it won’t be recognized by the search engines. Try to get your name to be unique so the search engines will find your blog more easily.

Second, you need to set up a hosting account. Hostgator is the easiest choice. Go to their home page and look for the box that says “Hosting your own blog,” or click the link in the left navigation for “setting up your own hosting account.” Then fill out all the boxes, including the one for your name, address, email address, description, keywords, etc. You can’t actually start making money at this point, but it’s good practice.

Finally, you’re ready to actually make the posts on your blog. Add links to the reviews that you find on websites such as amazon, foxfilm, etc. Also add a link to the Amazon logo and descriptions with your film’s tags. This is one of the easiest ways to start making money from a film blog!

Once you have your site set up, it’s time to start writing! It is best to focus on one genre or topic. For instance, if you’re making a review of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, you might want to write about the story, actors, gadgets, and other interesting details about the movie. Or you could make a review of the latest Batman movie. If you are making a movie blog about a current movie event, you might want to talk about actors and actresses who are starring in the upcoming movie, who are the directors, and so on. Write about what you found from reading, studying, watching, and listening.

Once you have some posts, you should optimize them to be search engine friendly. The easiest way to do this is to create your own keyword rich description. Also, you may want to do some article marketing or link building to help you rank higher in the search engines.