News Movie Update – Are These News Movies Worth Your Time?

If you follow me on Twitter then at some point I’m bound to post a news movie clip. It comes out every week or so and it can be some very good stuff. But one thing I love is when somebody posts something that’s so newsy that I immediately want to check it out. That’s why this news movie update is my favorite:

news movie update

A couple weeks ago Michael Moore released another of his videos on the political machine in the form of a documentary called Capitalism: A Love Story. In this clip he talks about how corporations are leaving the US and he says that no matter what happens we’re screwed. Well a couple days later I went to Google and pulled up the film and was surprised to see that it wasn’t on any news networks or CNN. So who put that video on?

I went to Google again and this time there were several news media websites that had the clip and the website they were from had posted it on their news section. So obviously they must have gotten their news movie clip from somewhere. There’s a bunch of different news media sites but no corporate news outlets. No satellite news channels either. Where did they get that clip?

The answer to that question is that none of these sources actually own the news media outlets that ran the clip. They got their news clips from somewhere else and re-pasted it on their news websites. You can tell that because in the first place the clips are amateurish and there’s no production value whatsoever, and even the news organizations aren’t making any kind of effort to make sure that the news report is even worth the paper it’s printed on. They just took someone’s words and slapped them up on a web site.

The other news movie update that’s important is that it also has absolutely no news value. It’s a completely apathetic news story that just takes its facts and positions completely out of context and then distorts them completely to the point of being completely nonsensical. In fact it’s just flat out wrong and the writers should be fired for doing it. But that’s not how the news media works anyway, so they continue to get away with it.

Now I know that there is a news movie update coming for a few movies soon, including The Fantastic Mr Fox and The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, but for right now we have to focus on the fact that none of these news movies are even remotely close to being real news movies, and they are a complete waste of your time. So please, make sure you don’t waste your time watching them. Instead find something that actually has news value and watch it. At least you’ll be able to feel a little bit better about the state of the economy.