What Are The Film Genres You Should Know More About?

A film is basically a series of moving pictures that collectively form a narrative. Some of us love to watch new movies in the cinema even when they are actually released theatrically. While some of us secretly prefer animated films over live action films, you may also secretly prefer to watch old French movies even while secretly loving recent Chinese movies. The secret is not really easy to uncover but once you begin digging you will find out that it is not really difficult at all. Here are a few tips to get you started on your quest to discover the perfect film that you will secretly watch on a daily basis.


Examine the aspect ratio of the cinema screens. The aspect ratio of a cinema screen is defined as the ratio between the height and width of the film and the number of pixels displayed per square inch. The aspect ratio of Chinese films is long widescreen and this is the reason why you will notice the majority of Chinese movies have long frames with very narrow widths. This is in contrast to most American and European films where the aspect ratio is standard widescreen.

Look for digital cameras that have optical zoom. Optical zoom is the process of zooming the lens with the help of light and the camera automatically focuses on the subject. This is something that is possible with digital cameras but is missing from older film stock. The optical zoom is what you should look for if you want to get the real life appearance of a film. However, modern film cameras tend to zoom with the help of laser sensors and you would need to check the cameras manual whether it is worth going in for an optical zoom or not.

Check out the different genres of films. There are a number of genres of Chinese films and some of them are comedy, action, romance, fantasy and family films. You can go in for a camera lens that is capable of capturing all these genres or just choose one of them. However, there are also a number of Chinese films that fall under the more commercial genres and this is what you will have to focus on. As you will notice, there are some films that have their own set of rules when it comes to the editing process but with the help of the right film stock, you will be able to make these films look professional.

When looking for film cameras, try to find the ones that have a high sensitivity. Sensitivity refers to the ability of the camera lens to take a photo even in dimly-lit conditions. High sensitivities are required by filmmakers who are working on low budget films or TV shows and thus cannot afford to spend money on getting film cameras that offer lower sensitivities. However, the point is that the higher the sensitivities of your camera lens, the better for the filmmakers because they will be able to capture the entire range of lighting situations and scenes.

If you are still not clear about what film genres interest you most, then check out the list provided above. By checking out this list, you will be able to easily determine what type of film you are interested in making. Once you know the type of films you want to make, you can start searching for film cameras that meet your specific needs. You can do a search online and find the prices of different cameras so you can compare which ones will be the best for you. Check out film stock for cameras today and start shooting.