What is Going On in Hollywood?

Over the past few years, Hollywood has certainly turned the corner when it comes to what they consider to be funny. The slapstick comedy that was once considered to be funny is fast becoming a mainstream genre. Thanks to shows such as” sitcom dad” and” Married with Money”, there is no longer an automatic assumption that a film is meant to be a family-oriented joke. These shows have made it clear that there are no dumb jokes in modern movies.


Another change in the film industry has come from the direction of female directors. Women now run more of the executive positions in the major films. This includes producers, writers, and director. This is a huge step forward in the progress of women in the film industry, and it bodes well for the future of women in the film industry.

Another major change in the film industry has come from the casting couch. Traditionally, the roles that were held by men were held by the son of a successful studio head. That rule did not change with the advent of multi-million dollar blockbusters like “icide man”. Now, any talented young actor can hope to get a part in a big budget film.

Some films have also begun to take their influence from TV shows. ” spinsky” is a very popular word in the TV world, so it should come as no surprise that films are beginning to take some hints from the TV landscape. “Narcotics” and “24” have both done amazing things. Both series have done things that are very similar to what is done on TV, but have been successful at a massive scale. This trend will likely continue.

Finally, film directors have finally figured out that if you are going to make a smash hit, you need to have a cast and crew that can support the film. The cast and crew should not be expecting to do the film’s background work, acting, or even writing. Those individuals are already doing that job for the studio. It is time to go find them a cup of coffee. Or go bowling.

The fact that there are so many amazing films being produced means that there will always be room for film talent to shine. The next few months will see many more new breakout movies. Hopefully you have had a wonderful summer. I know I have.