Why I Love a Film Blog

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Why I Love a Film Blog

A few weeks ago, I was asked to contribute to a film blog. The blog is meant to be reader supported and it’s my job to do that. I’m going to give you some tips that I hope you can take away from this. Some of the thoughts may overlap from previous article blog ideas post, however they’re specifically suited for both markets so I include them both on both. Without further ado, here’s 26 movie blog post ideas for film fans! Have fun with them, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

*These posts aren’t just my own personal opinions, they’re also the opinions of others that I’ve talked to that are film bloggers. You’ll learn a lot from other film bloggers. You can also learn a lot from other film blogs and what people like or don’t like about their own blogs. It’s a great way to find out what films are really going to be popular and what films are not going to be popular based on other film blog post ideas.

*I love reading the comments left by readers after they’ve read one of my articles. I particularly like comments left by film buffs who want to promote a website they are promoting. For example, one person wrote that they loved my post about The Social Network because it spoke about how f*ckery goes on in Hollywood. They promoted the site by using affiliate links in the post. Others love to write about their childhood memories and how they relate them to certain films. They like to share how much of an influence The Ring for example had on them as children, or The Empire Strikes Back or whatever it is they’re talking about.

*I love comments left by film bloggers who want to talk about their favourite films but don’t have links to share it. These kinds of comments are actually pretty useful and I’m sure people will use them often. One film blogger wrote that he likes The Social Network because it’s so true to life what we see ourselves as. The internet and advertising in general seem to have this effect on society. Everyone wants to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves but sometimes we forget that we live in a real world and that there’s people out there who care about us.

*I love film blogs because they’re so diverse. There are film blogs out there about all kinds of different genres including reality, thriller, action, comedy, horror and more. Some film bloggers cover one genre and then another, all within the same blog space. You can go from film theory to film news. There is literally something for everyone.

*I love film blogs because they tend to bring up the important things that people might never think about. This is because film lovers are so passionate about the subject that they are always thinking up new ways to collect film information, no matter how obscure. I’ve even heard of some film bloggers collecting quotes from all kinds of famous actors and directors. By doing this, these bloggers are actually helping out their fans and providing them with insight into the lives of film stars and directors.